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24K  - Lucky Strike - Pure Gold Leaf (flakes) in Vial.

PRICE:  C$9.99 each / Code:  NE-107
24K GOLD VIAL (Gold Leaf Flakes) in glass bottle with liquid.
4 left of this product.

The identical, but revised product from this supplier is now listed as 23K.
With the notation:  "This replica of a miner's assay bottle contains genuine 23kt Italian gold flakes. Each one includes a history of gold specific to Canada".

Made in Canada.

Each vial contains 100% Pure 24K Gold Flake - Floating in a non-toxic, non-flammable solution.

Good Luck 24K Pure Gold Leaf Vial Features:
- It is said to bring  good luck and good wealth to the recipient of the vial.
- Makes a nice gift for the New Year, fascinating for a grandchild, or conversation starter on your desk top.

- Does not contain a marketable sizeable amount of gold leaf flake.
- Nice display item and great for gift giving too!

DISCLAIMER:  While we aim to provide accurate product information, this information is provided to us by the manufacturer and/or supplier of this product.

Contents will settle to the bottom of the glass after a time... when this happens you need only to shake the bottle vigorously for a minute or so... and Voila...your gold flakes will be spread out evenly within the liquid in the vial.

All bottle necks (corks) are encased within a beeswax cap to prevent any leakage that may occur during shipping.
When you receive your item, you can carefully cut off the beeswax surrounding the bottle neck.