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Fulani ("Gold-tone") - Earrings / Fula Gold / Small 3/4"

PRICE: C$22.99 - CODE: AIS-130

These exotic-look Fula (Fulani) "Gold" twisted earrings are made out of "fula" twisted bronze that captures the light for the 'look of REAL GOLD' that so many love.

Uniquely and playfully shaped by Mali artisans in the heart of Africa.

These classic Fulani Twist Earrings have a beautifully twisted design recognizable worldwide. Sophisticated and stylish, their golden sheen creates a dramatic accent for any ensemble.

Gold plated bronze. Made in Mali

Prized by the Fulani people of West Africa for their expression of honor, status and wealth, these lightweight and comfy earrings are sure to be winners with their unique look and feel.

NOTE: Each pair is 100% unique and individually hand crafted, not factory made.

Care needs to be taken when opening and closing these earrings!


These earrings are a lustrous metal of twisted bronze... that is deemed gold because of its sturdiness and gold colour.  

Handmade from hammered brass which is then rubbed with lemon juice and baked in the sun!

This treatment gives the metal its bright yellow colour.

These earrings will coordinate beautifully with other matching Fulani or African accessories.

A truly brilliant expression of authentic African Style!

Handmade by the Fulani people of West Africa.

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