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PRICE: C$6.50 - each / 202 g/0.8 lbs / Code: RMJ#387

These Himalayan (Rock) Salt Bars as seen on various sites on the internet - are ERRONEOUSLY called "Himalayan Soap Bars"... these are NOT soap bars, but bars made from chunks of Himalayan hard salt rock. They do NOT lather... just cleanse... and deodorize!


These bars are made of 100% Pure Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt generally known for the use in massage and healing of the human body.

  • Deodorant Stone: Use while body is still wet and glide on lightly or wrap in a soft cloth ...

  • Cleansing: Use while the body is wet - with light coverage

  • Massage: Glide over your body using your favourite massage oils

These salt bars are totally natural and safe for use on the body.

They are known as a natural deodorants for cleansing the body from bacteria. They are a much healthier alternative to deodorants containing chemical ingredients, and the "alum" (aluminum) stone... as they are carved from natural chunks from the ancient Himalayan salt mines. 

Great used anywhere on the body ... even your feet! Not sticky, greasy... and will not stain clothing.

The work well when applied when wet. They leave an invisible layer of protection which helps to prevent odour-causing bacteria from forming. They will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and will NOT clog your pores!

These particular bars can be used in the place of soap. When used for cleansing - these bars will last for months...

Get yours today! And enjoy!

PRICE: C$5.95 - 200 g/0.8 lbs.




All pyramid rock salt stones are handcrafted in Himalaya and originate from the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. They are totally natural, handcrafted products... the size, shape and colour may vary. The quality of our rocks are second best to none! Their high mineral content and excellent colour is the best you will find!

It is suggested, that by placing a "pyramid" on your desk raises the energy around you, thus allowing you to receive more energy... whereby increasing productivity!

Double duty product... great when used as a massage stone or when placed on a table top for visual appeal.

All crystal rock salt can be used as a deodorant stone... just wet an area and smooth onto your skin! Voila...!

Great for gift-giving!


Well... Hey... You can smash them into bits and pieces, then add them to your bath water!

OR... You can place smashed up bits and pieces of rock salt around a tealight candle in a coloured bowl for truly unique effect!

Add some similar size pieces into an organza bag and give as a gift!


Himalayan Cleansing Solid Salt Bars & Pyramids are NOT for consumption use!

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