As with all handcrafted/handmade items... there's always the chance for minor but unnoticeable is never just perfect!

Black Rainbow - Small Necklace Pouch

PRICE:  C$14.99

SIZE:  About 5" long x 3.5" high with 20-inch neck strap. Double strap.

This pouch includes 1 popular gemstone!

Black Rainbow - Mini Pouch + Mini Vial
- with Fragranced Body Oil

PRICE:  C$12.99 

SIZE:  About 2" high x 1.5" wide with 20-inch single strap.      

This pouch contains one - 1 ml amber glass bottle of fragranced body oil.

Black Rainbow - Mini Pouch + Mini Crystal Stones

PRICE:  C$9.99
SIZE:  About 3" long x 2" high with 20-inch double strap.
Contains mini crystal stones.