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Hematite - Thick Domed Rainbow Ring

PRICE: C$15.50 each - CODE: NEN-117

Please contact us for availability before purchasing!

One ring per order / Limited Supply.

Perfect for either men or women. Made with medical grade magnetic hematite.

Domed rings with an eye catching rainbow sheen are available in sizes 5 - 12 to fit any finger or thumb.

This hematite is polished oxide of iron. It is said to have a positive effect on the bloodstream and increase resistance to stress.

Dissolving negativity in all forms, this is a calming stone used for memory enhancement, mental clarity, and capability. Rainbow Hematite is grounding and activates the root and crown chakras, bringing the body into alignment. This stone is known to raise one’s vibration and consciousness and aids in the understanding that physical life is not about enduring constant suffering.

Slight differences in size and color may exist between stones. These are natural so the sizes listed are approximate and each is perfectly imperfect and unique.

You may receive one of the rings in the photos depicted here, please expect slight variations in color and size.

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