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Natural Apple Tree Branch... A Witch's Magical Wand... 

Adorned with one natural mini gemstone!

Natural Apple Tree Branch - Witch's Magic Wand

PRICE: C$4.99 - Witch's Wand - Apple Tree Natural Branch

Each wand is between 4" to 6" long. Includes Apple Tree Card.

Handmade and Hand finished - made in Quebec.


Pic... subject to change.

Adorned with one natural mini gemstone.

Each wand also includes a mini gemstone and/or chip of Obsidian, Citrine, or Clear Quartz.

Handmade with real Apple Tree Wood Branch.

Created to bring a sense of balance with nature and assuring conformity with the original tree spirit of its wood.

Here's a little "magic" to you!

Samhain Magic! Talisman - Key to Annwn - Ritual Object - Limited Autumnal Offering...

Purchase contains one, respectively harvested "wand" from organic natural branches/twigs of the Apple Tree. Includes a SAMHAIN (Halloween) themed corded talisman/trinket that can be used as a "mystical" bracelet.


The Apple tree symbolizes immortality and true love. Its wood is durable and sweet-smelling—an ideal wand for the loyal and heart-centered Witch. Apple wood embodies the feminine aspects of the Divine and is traditionally used for healing and love magick. (Pear wood has very similar physical and metaphysical properties.)

Feminine Energy.

Planetary Associations: Venus

Zodiac Association: Cancer

Associated Dieties: The Apple wood is sacred to Venus, Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, the Horned God (offering of fruit after the hunt), Aphrodite, Dionysus, Morgan le Fay, Cerridwen, Apollo, Hera, Gaia, Athena, Zeus, Astarte, Ashtaroth, Idunn, Pomona, Diana, Venus, Cupid, Jupiter, Olwen, Ishtar, Shekinah, and Freyja.

Apple is closely associated to the sabbet of Samhain when it is burned in honor of those to be reborn in the spring.

Druids associated three sacred apples to the Three Rays of Light, their most holy symbol.

Celts associated the apple tree to the Robin bird.

Apple is a part of the Dumb (silent) Dinner of the Samhain festival to honor the dead.

Bards and Ovates often carried a apple branch decorated with gold, silver, or bronze bells as a symbol of their standing.

Norse Mythology tells of Idunna who was the keeper of the sacred apples of immortality that kept the gods young.

Magical Properties

Apple wood to be used for magic that deals with healing, fertility, or love. This is a fine wood of choice for when working with the fairy realm. Apple is a good wood for raising the enhancement of skills, and is often used in love spells. Apple wood encourages harmony, serenity, and peace. Apple wood is beneficial in the magic of light and the divine. Apple wood and promotes visions and piercing the veil of the Other World.

Apple wood wands have been noted in some ancient texts as being used to in dealing with magicks of the Other World. 

Apple cider can be substituted for the wine or blood required by rituals and spell magic.

Apples are a basic staple of the fairy and Elven realms. Apple wood wands used during the incarnation of the fairies helps bridge the connection and draws them out.

Make your own "magic"... in the eyes of the beholder...

We are in a special moment in time right now... and so we should try make our selves feel special (because we are) and give ourselves a little bit 'of magic' that will life us to feel good about ourselves within our own surroundings!

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